Intellectual Property Rights


We consult successfully registering, reclaiming intellectual property rights, successfully objecting and requesting the termination of intellectual property vilolation for hundreds of domestic and foreign clients. Consulting and protecting intellectual property rights is defined as our long-term goal of helping clients establish and maintain their legal rights and interests that related to intellectual property, as well as limiting violation of intellectual property rights such as labels infringement, patents, industrial designs, trademarks and business credibility or the manufacture of counterfeit, fake, competitive or antitrust goods.


  • Consulting about regulations related to intellectual property rights and registrating procedures, establishment of intellectual property rights;
  • Looking up the ability to register intellectual property objects;
  • Supervising and speeding up the granting of intellectual property rights protection diplomas for clients;
  • Carrying out procedures of submitting and monitoring applications of trademarks, industrial designs, inventions, copyrights and domain names;
  • Negotiating and drafting contracts of intellectual property rights transfer and extension, licensing, technology transfer or franchise contracts;
  • Carrying out the procedures of intellectual property diplomas objection and cancellation;
  • Investigating intellectual property violations and assisting clients to handle them.