Labor consultantcy

We have experience in counseling clients on every aspect of labor law, including setting up procedures and regulations for recruitment and employment; draft, cessation and termination of labor contracts; dismissal, discipline and termination of labor relationships.

Frequent counseling on labor for a Japanese manufacturing enterprise with nearly 2,000 workers, the establishment of regulations on recruitment, employment, labor discipline for a construction enterprise with more than 500 employees in Vietnam brought us a lot of experience to support our clients. Now, we regularly consult for over 10 enterprises with over 200 employees on related to recruitment and employment issues.

Labor advising services include:
  • Legal consultancy on labor relationship, recruitment and employment for enterprises;
  • Consultancy on drafting labor contracts, collective labor agreements, internal rules and regulations;
  • Legal consultancy on the protection of the interests of workers as well as the rules on rewards, social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance;
  • Consulting legal issues about foreign workers working in enterprises; issues related to personal income tax and other legal requirements arising from the use of foreign employees.