Fast procedure of mobile birth registration application

Mobile birth registration application is the case that the persons who apply for their children at some registered place, not at people’s Committee as regulated by law. Father or mother of the kid who is applied by mobile birth registration if the fathers and / or mothers are disabled or ill, they can not register their births; parents are arrested, detained or imprisoned without their paternal grandparents, grandparents or other relatives or those who are unable to register their births. To warrant to support in a suitable way for these people, performance of this procedure is shared with state agencies.

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1. The procedure of mobile birth registration application is performed as follows:

– Authorized person appointed to apply for mobile birth registration has responsibility for preparing fully documents to apply for mobile birth registration: form of birth registration, documents of civil status papers and necessary conditions.

– Civil servants of civil-justice officials shall guide the requester to fill in the declaration of birth registration; Check the documents as the basis for birth registration.

– Persons requesting complete the dossier as guided, submit the dossier at their own house or at the place where the mobile registration is organized.

– Within 2 working days after receiving complete dossiers, the civil-justice officials shall report to the presidents of the commune-level People’s Committees. If the chairman of the People’s Committee agrees to settle it, he / she shall sign the birth certificate for the requesting person

– Within 5 days after receiving complete dossiers, judicial-civil servants shall return the results and archive them in separate civil status documents.

2. Receiving and handling dossier

People’s Committees of commune as registered place of permanent residence of the father or mother

3. Time of handling

05 working days from the date of receiving valid and entire dossier.

Note: Apart from submitting dossier to state agencies as prepared by civil-justice officials, requester for mobile birth registration must prepare documents to present as required by state agencies to compare.


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