Convert practice certificate for foreign doctor in Ho Chi Minh city

Doctor working on the field of medical examination and treatment in Vietnam must compulsorily have practice certificate for doctor as regulated by laws. And before that, when meeting fully the conditions, there is a requirement that procedure to apply on practice certificate to state agencies.

One question posed, does foreign doctor who has been already recognized and issued practice certificate in another country, need to apply for this kind of certificate. This object in the situation above, to work legally, must perform the procedure of converting practice certificate for foreign doctors. Actually, it is the procedure of first time application for practice certificate on medical examination and treatment in Vietnam for foreigners.

Lincon law firm shall guide to perform this procedure in Ho Chi Minh city as follows:


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1. Dossier of application for practice certificate for foreign doctor

  • Request on registration of practice certificate;
  • Notarized copy of professional qualification in medical;
  • Confirmation on practice process;
  • Valid copy of work permit;
  • Judicial record;
  • Certificate on health;
  • Photo 04cm x 06cm
  • Certificate of proficiency in the language, qualification of translator (if required)

2. Order of execution

  • Step 1: Proponent for practice certificate application submit dossier to The Medical Examination and Treatment Department of the Ministry of Health (submit directly or sending through post office)
  • Step 2: Authorized state agency receives, considers and inspects the dossier
  • Step 3: Authorized state agency returns the result to the proponent.

The case of conditions fully met: Issuing practice certificate for foreign doctor

The case of conditions not met: Rejecting to issue and give reasons clearly

3. Time limit for handling dossier: Within

  • 60 working days from the date of receiving entire valid dossier;
  • 180 working days in the case that there is a need of verification with the person trained in foreign country or has already practice certificate issued by foreign country

4. Result: Practice certificate on medical examination and treatment in Vietnam


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