Organizations and individuals executing business in the field of sports (billiards, yoga, gym, badminton, tennis, swimming pools, fencing, dancing, etc.) need to fully meet the requirements and licensed according to regulations. Correspondingly, fencing sports businesses are only allowed to operate when they have been granted business qualification certificate of a sports for fencing sports activities by a competent authority (hereinafter referred to as “sport fencing business license”).

1. Conditions for granting sport fencing business license

a. Legal status

Business entities in sport fencing include Vietnamese enterprises, foreign invested enterprises (FDI), and business households that have been licensed according to regulations (investment certificate, registration certificate, business registration, business establishment license). In particular, the subject’s business lines must be registered as a sport fencing business.

b. Conditions of facilities and equipment

Sports fencing facilities need to meet the following conditions regarding facilities and equipment:

– The training floor has dimensions of 20m x 10m or more; flat, non-slip.

– Guaranteed lighting level of 150 lux or more.

-There is storage space and restroom area; There is a first aid kit according to regulations of the Ministry of Health.

– There is a logbook to keep track of exercise participants.

– There is a table of rules that includes the following main contents: Subjects participating in training, training attire, training hours, and safety measures during training.

– Cloth armor (withstand 350N or more), armor (withstand 350N or more), mask (withstand 350N or more), power armor (for slashing swords and rapiers), gloves, shoes, sock.

– Training sword (including: Slashing sword, rapier sword and three-edged sword).

– The competition track is made of alloy with dimensions ranging from 17m to 18m in length and width from 1.5m to 2.0m.

 – Competition sword, mask wire, body wire.

c. Conditions for professional staffs

Sport fencing training instructors must be professionally trained in sports and have a professional training certificate for sports fencing training instructors issued by the training organization.

2. Issuance procedures for sport fencing business business

a. Step 1. Preparing and submitting application

Application dossier for a sport fencing business license includes:

NoDossiers components
1Application for a business qualification certificates of sport
2Summary of preparation of conditions for sports activities business
3Business registration certificate
4Certificate of business location registration
5Business location lease contract
6Degree/Certificate of professional training of specialized staff
7Labor contract of professional staff
8Rules of the facilities
9Fire prevention certificate or related documents
Application for sport fencing business license
Sports fencing facilities need to meet the conditions regarding facilities and equipment.

b. Step 2. The competent authority receives and processes applications for sport fencing business licenses

Competent authority to handle procedures: Provincial Department of Culture and Sports.

In case the application needs to be amended or supplemented, the competent authority will notify directly or in writing the contents that need to be amended or supplemented to the applicant within 03 working days from the date of dossiers receipt.

The time limit for granting a sport fencing business license is 07 working days from the date of receipt of complete documents according to regulations.

Legal basis:

  • Law on Physical Education and Sports 2006 (amended and supplemented in 2018);
  • Decree 36/2019/ND-CP guiding the revised Law on Physical Training and Sports issued on April 29, 2019;
  • Circular 34/2018/TT-BVHTTDL regulating facilities, equipment and professional staff training for sport fencing promulgated by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism on November 02, 2018.

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